Season 3 Episode 1: Things Get Sweary

Greetings West Vault Faithful!!!

We did it, we finally did it, we’ve completed a new episode.

Last time we were with Susan she had made the momentous decision to leave Vault 97 and find out what had happened to her long time rival and RVE host Mary.

We finally catch up with her and her faithful robot companion Mr W out in the wasteland. In this jam packed episode Susan meets her first settlers, has her first taste of wasteland violence and finally makes it to Vault 96!

So strap in and prepare yourself for the return of WVR!


7 thoughts on “Season 3 Episode 1: Things Get Sweary

  1. just found this site and am loving it glad to see sept 2019 content. I am still listening to 2016 but plan to listen to all of them. Keep up the great works


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