Mugs Away

Hello Wastelanders,

Are you struggling to find the ideal tea drinking vessel? Then never fear I have found a semi reliable trader who is finally able to start shipping those Vault 97 summer roadshows limited edition mugs I have taking up valuable storage space.

For the bargain price of 50 caps plus postage (or £6 plus £3.50 UK postage international rates can be calculated separately) you can have your very own piece of Vault 97!

If you fancy a mug please use the contact us section of the website and we can give you our PayPal details (who knew that even an apocalypse wouldn’t stop those guys going out of business).


Episode 5: Halloween and Hobbycraft!

In this annual special join Susan as she plays the three part Halloween classic ‘The Horror of Vault 66’, teaches children across the wasteland how to carve a pumpkin and appreciates mid 19th century antiques.

Tune in for all this and more, in this thrilling feature length installment of West Vault Radio, broadcasting today for a brighter tomorrow!


Download here!

West Vault Radio Pre-Production Meeting 6

As per our transparency agreement with Vault-Tec I’ve had to upload some of my production meetings to their database.

Why not treat this as a “behind the scenes” view of how we at WVR bring you the best programming the Wasteland has to offer.

Enjoy this sneaky preview of the fifth instalment of our archive footage.


Download here!