Susan’s Isolation Advice

A quick public information piece from principal WVR DJ Susan Reith.


“In these troubling times I would like to reassure our listeners that we here at WVR are playing our part in ensuring we adhere to “government” guidelines by maintaining strong social distancing principles. As such we have temporarily suspended our quest for that second rate DJ Mary and are working from home in Vault 97.

As we are somewhat expert in the art of isolation, we have decided to dedicate some portions of our broadcasting day to giving you top tips about how best to cope in these testing times. We hope these are useful and we are sure if we all play our part in flattening the curve of this virus we will be back out in the Wasteland in no time!

Stay safe, stay indoors, save lives.”


Susan has no mental health or psychology training and her advice is probably best viewed as light entertainment. – Mr W

Season 3 Episode 1: Things Get Sweary

Greetings West Vault Faithful!!!

We did it, we finally did it, we’ve completed a new episode.

Last time we were with Susan she had made the momentous decision to leave Vault 97 and find out what had happened to her long time rival and RVE host Mary.

We finally catch up with her and her faithful robot companion Mr W out in the wasteland. In this jam packed episode Susan meets her first settlers, has her first taste of wasteland violence and finally makes it to Vault 96!

So strap in and prepare yourself for the return of WVR!


Season 3 Trailer: The Mary Chronicles

She’s left the Vault now she’s out to find the truth.

Join Susan (and Mr W) in the Third Volume of West Vault Radio as she journeys to find out what happened to missing, second-rate DJ Mary of Radio Vault East.
Listen to the stories from those she meets on her travels and explore the sometimes sinister goings on in the Wasteland.
Will she locate Mary?

How prepared is she to survive?

But most importantly do people know who she is!?
Brought to you by West Vault Radio and SW Productions.

Coming Eventually!

Season 2 Episode 6: The Lost DJ’s

Greetings West Vault faithful,

Finally the moment you’ve all be waiting for, the season finale of  West Vault Radio.

This season we’ve been with Susan as she was put in the freezer, had a minor emergency during her festive spectacular, had to destroy her favourite robot after Mr W, and been on a sugar induced bender.

However, further adventure awaits, a mysterious broadcast gets her attention, hard choices have to be made and a new future dawns for Vault 97.

So please sit back, relax and enjoy the long awaited season finale of West Vault Radio!

Download here!



Leaves on the line/Wrong sort of snow

Greetings Loyal West Heads (is that what you call yourselves?)!

I know we here at WVR have been silent of late. Put it down to Gremlins in the system and the fact that both Mr W and I have both had some key things to sort out of late (because adulting is rubbish). However, we are keen to get back to work and can assure you that the next release from our archives will be a really exciting experience and something of a game changer.

So please stick with us, why not restart listening to our broadcasts and enjoy seeing how despite the fact I’ve been broadcasting for going on seventeen years in the space of three episodes my voice changed immensely…

Also, we love hearing from you. Your messages really do make our day. While we can’t guarantee that we read out all your messages we do try. So please send us your song requests and criticisms (or praise) and we will do our best to get them on air (except you Wendel, you can do one).

Finally, if I take a gift to a friends party is it ‘I brought a gift’ or ‘I bought a gift’?

Anyway, stay golden West Heads!

Susan (and Mr W)

Season 2 Episode 5: It’s a Wonderful Vault

Ho ho ho listeners!!

It’s that time of year again.  Join Susan down in her special Vault 97 Christmas Chalet as she treats you to a classic holiday special.

Enjoy as special guests from across the wasteland pop in with messages of holiday cheer.

We hope you enjoy the festive fun and we hope all our listeners enjoy the holiday season however you choose to celebrate it!

Happy Holidays from West Vault Radio!

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Season 2 Episode 4 – Ice Station Susan

Guess who’s back? Back again? Susan’s back tell… anyone who is still alive in this post apocalyptic hell hole…

Due to robotic incompetence Susan was kept away from us for far too long.  However, she is now back and ready to continue her mission to provide the wasteland with the greatest radio ever known (and failing that any sort of radio that is not The Mermaids Fancy Ball on repeat).

This episode Susan finds out what Mr W gets up to when unsupervised and we are introduced to a classic show from days of vault old!

So settle down, stop the rioting and relax to the smooth sounds of West Vault Radio.

‘When your worlds in the pits, let the Brits bring the hits!’


Download here!






Season 2 Episode 3: Raiders of the Lost Vault


Welcome intrepid Vault fans!

In this action packed edition of WVR find out what happens to Susan when she eats and drinks nothing but Mentats and Nuka Cola Quantum for several weeks, listen in to some voices from the wasteland, enjoy a mildly horrific cooking show and finally a chance to hear some original Vault 97 tunes!

All this and more as you join us once again at West Vault Radio.


We should probably mention this episode features mild horror and a lot of screaming so sensitive listeners and those of you listening at work may want to avoid!


As always Fallout and associated terms are property of Bethesda.

Music from

And sound effect from the good people at

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Season 2 Episode 2: The Good, The Bad And The Barry

YeeeHAAAW!! Saddle up listeners and join Susan for Country Hour (well she manages to play two country songs).

In this fun filled episode you’ll also find out the finer points of robot recycling and meet an old robot friend of Susan’s, Barry the helpful domestic/dictation droid!

We also get to hear what some of you listeners out there in the wasteland think of the show (except you Wendel!! Stop contacting us!!).

So put on your best spurs, grab your six shooter and ride into the sunset with WVR!


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