Season 2 Episode 5: It’s a Wonderful Vault

Ho ho ho listeners!!

It’s that time of year again.  Join Susan down in her special Vault 97 Christmas Chalet as she treats you to a classic holiday special.

Enjoy as special guests from across the wasteland pop in with messages of holiday cheer.

We hope you enjoy the festive fun and we hope all our listeners enjoy the holiday season however you choose to celebrate it!

Happy Holidays from West Vault Radio!

Download here!

8 thoughts on “Season 2 Episode 5: It’s a Wonderful Vault

    • Any similarity to pre war movie titles are coincidences and bear no similarity to films living or dead! Susan came up with this title all on her own out of her brilliant, beautiful and in no way tortured mind! We do believe you will enjoy it all the same though!

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  1. Dear Susan,

    When I’m working the corps down at the old settlement, when my back is hurting, fingers bleeding, and I feel no hope of ever doing a single thing differently – I listen to your station and a smile comes across my weathered, dirty face.

    Don’t ever change. Never stop.

    Random Settler #678773

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    • Thank you random settler, although what you do with your corps is between you and the irradiated soil!
      Very please to hear you are enjoying the show and don’t worry I have no intention of changing anytime soon (although am considering cutting out all synthetic gluten from my diet)!

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