Season 2 Episode 4 – Ice Station Susan

Guess who’s back? Back again? Susan’s back tell… anyone who is still alive in this post apocalyptic hell hole…

Due to robotic incompetence Susan was kept away from us for far too long.  However, she is now back and ready to continue her mission to provide the wasteland with the greatest radio ever known (and failing that any sort of radio that is not The Mermaids Fancy Ball on repeat).

This episode Susan finds out what Mr W gets up to when unsupervised and we are introduced to a classic show from days of vault old!

So settle down, stop the rioting and relax to the smooth sounds of West Vault Radio.

‘When your worlds in the pits, let the Brits bring the hits!’


Download here!






13 thoughts on “Season 2 Episode 4 – Ice Station Susan

  1. Hey, came for the mod, stayed for the cast. Loving it. I have a music request, not sure if this is in the archives but I’m pretty sure it’s public domain.

    I would love to here the Mr Wigglesworth Orchestra butch…er…I mean play Liberty Bell, AKA the Monty Python theme.


  2. Thank Atom you’re alive. All us followers living in the runoff from your leaking reactor just love Vault Beats! By the way, you’re reactor has been leaking faster lately. Perhaps you’ll come out one day and join the Children of Atom. I’m sure you’re positively glowing.


  3. I’ve been listening to your broadcast from my humble post apocalyptic Chem lab, and ive heard you’ve lost 3 toes Susan…

    I believe i might have a solution for this…particular predicament
    Take 3 spoons of the nearest radioactive isotope every day for 3 weeks, You’ll surely be able to grow them back in ways that would make any ghoul blush.

    Side effects might include:
    Horrible and slow Death.
    Glow in the dark finger nails
    Unintended Limb Growth

    Hope to hear the results soon.

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  4. Oh good now my merry band and I can call off the raid we were planning on Vault 97 to make sure Susan and the bots didn’t meet some tragic end…or Susan meeting a tragic end at the hand of the bots.

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