Susan’s Isolation Advice

A quick public information piece from principal WVR DJ Susan Reith.


“In these troubling times I would like to reassure our listeners that we here at WVR are playing our part in ensuring we adhere to “government” guidelines by maintaining strong social distancing principles. As such we have temporarily suspended our quest for that second rate DJ Mary and are working from home in Vault 97.

As we are somewhat expert in the art of isolation, we have decided to dedicate some portions of our broadcasting day to giving you top tips about how best to cope in these testing times. We hope these are useful and we are sure if we all play our part in flattening the curve of this virus we will be back out in the Wasteland in no time!

Stay safe, stay indoors, save lives.”


Susan has no mental health or psychology training and her advice is probably best viewed as light entertainment. – Mr W