Vault 97 is a fan podcast set in Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic, atom-age inspired universe of Fallout.

The eponymous Vault 97 is a large, underground complex with two interesting details: the first is that it is a fully featured music studio and radio broadcast centre with the latest technology, and two, it has been filled with musicians, personalities and any other remaining ex-pats and civilians from Great Britain (along with those that could fake a convincing enough accent to get in).

Susan, the only remaining human member of staff, proudly and diligently hosts the entirety of station under the long-running banner of WVR, West Vault Radio, with her team of robots and automated programming subroutines.

Why is Susan the only remaining Human? How does she survive through the loneliness and depression of being underground? How are the tea reserves still plentiful?

Find out all this and more from WVR, broadcasting today for a brighter tomorrow!

Vault 97 written and performed by Laura Manwell.

Music/Sound design, visual design and narration by Luke Highet.

Fallout and all associated terms are property of Bethesda this is a non profit fan work.

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