Leaves on the line/Wrong sort of snow

Greetings Loyal West Heads (is that what you call yourselves?)!

I know we here at WVR have been silent of late. Put it down to Gremlins in the system and the fact that both Mr W and I have both had some key things to sort out of late (because adulting is rubbish). However, we are keen to get back to work and can assure you that the next release from our archives will be a really exciting experience and something of a game changer.

So please stick with us, why not restart listening to our broadcasts and enjoy seeing how despite the fact I’ve been broadcasting for going on seventeen years in the space of three episodes my voice changed immensely…

Also, we love hearing from you. Your messages really do make our day. While we can’t guarantee that we read out all your messages we do try. So please send us your song requests and criticisms (or praise) and we will do our best to get them on air (except you Wendel, you can do one).

Finally, if I take a gift to a friends party is it ‘I brought a gift’ or ‘I bought a gift’?

Anyway, stay golden West Heads!

Susan (and Mr W)