Leaves on the line/Wrong sort of snow

Greetings Loyal West Heads (is that what you call yourselves?)!

I know we here at WVR have been silent of late. Put it down to Gremlins in the system and the fact that both Mr W and I have both had some key things to sort out of late (because adulting is rubbish). However, we are keen to get back to work and can assure you that the next release from our archives will be a really exciting experience and something of a game changer.

So please stick with us, why not restart listening to our broadcasts and enjoy seeing how despite the fact I’ve been broadcasting for going on seventeen years in the space of three episodes my voice changed immensely…

Also, we love hearing from you. Your messages really do make our day. While we can’t guarantee that we read out all your messages we do try. So please send us your song requests and criticisms (or praise) and we will do our best to get them on air (except you Wendel, you can do one).

Finally, if I take a gift to a friends party is it ‘I brought a gift’ or ‘I bought a gift’?

Anyway, stay golden West Heads!

Susan (and Mr W)

20 thoughts on “Leaves on the line/Wrong sort of snow

      • No problem!
        And If I may ask. Are the robots of Vault 97 all one specific Robco model robot (For example securitrons or Mr, Handys.
        If not what type of model are there in vault 97? And which one of these specifically help you operate the station?

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      • Truth is they are a bit of a mismatch, I’m kind of left alone to fix them, originally we had a about six or so Robco brand bots. But thanks to our top notch recycling programme and my superior mechanical engineer skill very few of them are original, but they are all fine specimens and mostly keep the vault running smoothly!

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  1. Hi Susan I love your podcast and your taste of game choice and I’ve been wondering are you done with the podcast because I can’t find. Any more episodes


  2. The Commowealth would be nicer with some new content, but my pipboy is running xbox and only gets season 1 of your transmissions. Do you or Mr.W have a solution?


    • Hi Jim,
      Thanks for getting in touch. We are aware of the issues with the mod. It was created on a PC so does not seem to like Xbox. Mr W is going to come and play with my box (cheeky) soon so we will see what we can do. In the mean time everything we have made is available to listen to either here or via pretty much any podcast host. We will update the site when we have debugged the system!


  3. For some reason, your station is non functional on my Xbox… fully downloaded but the station is just quiet. I’ve tried clean saves, and deleted all my other radio mods to try to fix this, I haven’t seen any posts for issues such as this, so any helpful tips would be appreciated.


    • Hi Doc, Yes we are now aware of this issue, it stems from the mod being created via PC rather than Xbox. Mr W the creator of the mod is going to ave a fiddle with my Xbox to see if we can fix it. In the meanwhile why not try our channel on the Old World Radio Boston mod (also available as just our station on xbox) or you can hear our most up to date episodes on itunes or any other podcast service.


  4. I downloaded this on Xbox One and can’t get it to work. Despite showing up in the pip boy menu, the radio station frequency is silent, and no option exists to craft radios in either the chem station or work station.

    It’s a bummer, because I listened to a bit of it on YouTube and it sounds like great fun.


    • Hi Pink,

      As you can see from the other comments below now this is something we are now aware of and are going to try to fix. In the meanwhile why not try our stations mod as part of the Old World Radio Boston mod (more details on this page or if you search OWR – Boston on the xbox you should find it). However, please give us a listen on itunes or pretty much any other podcast service, you can listen to all episodes all the time!


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