Season 2 Episode 6: The Lost DJ’s

Greetings West Vault faithful,

Finally the moment you’ve all be waiting for, the season finale of  West Vault Radio.

This season we’ve been with Susan as she was put in the freezer, had a minor emergency during her festive spectacular, had to destroy her favourite robot after Mr W, and been on a sugar induced bender.

However, further adventure awaits, a mysterious broadcast gets her attention, hard choices have to be made and a new future dawns for Vault 97.

So please sit back, relax and enjoy the long awaited season finale of West Vault Radio!

Download here!



2 thoughts on “Season 2 Episode 6: The Lost DJ’s

  1. Jolly good show! Thank you lads so much for creating this wonderful podcast for the Fallout community. I will eagerly wait to hear about Susan’s adventure across the wasteland!

    Best of lucks from Vietnam,


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