Season 3 Trailer: The Mary Chronicles

She’s left the Vault now she’s out to find the truth.

Join Susan (and Mr W) in the Third Volume of West Vault Radio as she journeys to find out what happened to missing, second-rate DJ Mary of Radio Vault East.
Listen to the stories from those she meets on her travels and explore the sometimes sinister goings on in the Wasteland.
Will she locate Mary?

How prepared is she to survive?

But most importantly do people know who she is!?
Brought to you by West Vault Radio and SW Productions.

Coming Eventually!

4 thoughts on “Season 3 Trailer: The Mary Chronicles

  1. Hype. Very much anticipation. Excitement is most definitely existent.

    In other news; Is this Season 3 going to be the finale to WVR? The whole “Susan finds out the truth” bit in combo with the rest of “the threads come together” vibe all feels very… finale-esc.
    …I hope it isn’t; WVR is easily the most enjoyable podcast I’ve ever listened to; Exactly my brand of humor, mixed with wonderful music pieces (including original tracks, which I was blown away with when I first heard), combined with my favourite videogame series, and topped-off with fantastically engaging world-building and a surprisingly gripping storyline…
    …But, if it is indeed the finale, then… I salute and thank the creators.
    As much as I’d like to say something cheesy, like, “WVR changed my life!” or whatnot… it hasn’t, really.
    It has, however, provided countless hours of entertainment, never failing to brighten my day, even if I’m feeling down, and… What more can one ask for, really?


    • That is such a lovely review! I’m so pleased you have enjoyed our show. As to the future, nothing is set in stone we are just changing tact a little bit for season three (might work, might not!). We hope though we can provide you with at least another six fun filled adventures!


  2. A huge fan of yours ever since I discovered West Vault Radio (truly superior to East Vault Radio in my opinion) a few years ago on my pipboy. I enjoy listening to old holotape recordings of yours that I managed to get ahold of from some wandering trader in exhange for a couple Nuka-colas and some jet.
    Good luck out in the wasteland and tell Mr.W hello for me. I eagerly await your new adventures.


    • Thank you! So glad you are supporting my Vault edit or Vexit! Yes we are superior to Radio Vault East, however, competition is how we improve so I must find Mary! I’m sure you will enjoy our future adventures!


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