Episode 5: Halloween and Hobbycraft!

In this annual special join Susan as she plays the three part Halloween classic ‘The Horror of Vault 66’, teaches children across the wasteland how to carve a pumpkin and appreciates mid 19th century antiques.

Tune in for all this and more, in this thrilling feature length installment of West Vault Radio, broadcasting today for a brighter tomorrow!


Download here!


West Vault Radio Pre-Production Meeting 6

As per our transparency agreement with Vault-Tec I’ve had to upload some of my production meetings to their database.

Why not treat this as a “behind the scenes” view of how we at WVR bring you the best programming the Wasteland has to offer.

Enjoy this sneaky preview of the fifth instalment of our archive footage.


Download here!


We hit 500!

This post goes out to you listeners.  Today I discovered that for the first time we beat 500 downloads in a month with days to spare!

We love releasing our content and it really does make myself and Mr Wigglesworth pleased as punch that it seems you are enjoying listening to us.  So thank you listeners, give yourselves a big pat on the back you deserve it (unless you also listen to Radio Vault East, then, well, quite frankly you can go and jump in the Thames).

Keep an eye and ear out on the 23rd of October we will be releasing our annual Halloween content for you all, set to be our largest release of archive content yet!

Remember we are also on the Twitter where you can follow my exploits on @WestVaultRadio

Once again thank you.

Ta ta for now


Points of View

We here at WVR (well the robots and I) are always interested in hearing from you, our loyal listeners. We are always happy to hear your feedback and suggestions for programme content. (We are loving your haikus)
This is why we are considering a points of view segment. Contact us with your praise or criticism and you may get to feature on air. Did you love my hard hitting documentary on Drumpf? Did you find my segment on roadside oddities offensive? Are you just disgusted in general? If so we’d love to hear from you.

A Bunch of Mugs

Today I have been going through Vault 97s inventory. Although on a week by week basis the robots take care of it, once a year a human is required to go through it to make sure the robots still are capable of counting (one time the robot counting the gin added three zeros to the total, and thinking we were well stocked up everyone had a bit of a party. We haven’t be able to use the level six loos since).
Anyway, I seem to have found several crates of promotional material (why they were made I have no clue, it’s not like we were wandering in the wasteland doing roadshows!). It’s mostly mugs, but there may be other items. If I can source a trustworthy trader would anyone be interested in one?

Drop me a message and let me know!

Old World Radio – Boston

After sucessfully fixing our reciever aerial here at Vault 97 I’ve managed to tune into a whole host of new stations and contact some of their talent.

While I can’t recruit any of them to join me here in Valut 97 (far too irradiated I’m afraid) I can tell you I have joined up with them and furthered the broadcast reach of West Vault Radio.

So if you find yourself in the remains of Boston why not have a listen to a few of our partner stations on the Old World Radio – Boston network.

You can tune into them below.

Old World Radio – Boston