West Vault Radio Season 2 Episode 1: The Ego Has Landed

I’m back listeners (I know you missed me)!!

After some serious revelations that led to a whole hour of soul searching I decided I needed a Vaultcation.  But a vaultcation can only last so long before one has to get back to reality.  Fortunately, Mr W had just the ticket!

So, please enjoy the latest live broadcast from WVR (and yes at one point it really was live) featuring our recently back in action reciever array!


Featuring the vocal talents of those fine fellows at The Fallout Feed and Quality Irrelevant, please settle down with a nice cup of tea and a plate of toast and enjoy the 100% completely sane sounds of West Vault Radio!



All the best



Download here!


4 thoughts on “West Vault Radio Season 2 Episode 1: The Ego Has Landed

  1. for last song, I have that on vinyl!!!! :O Actually… no thats my younger brother..

    Other side being rock around the clock. It being a 78 rpm record.


  2. Listening to this makes me hate the Minutemen than I already do. Kudos to whoever voiced Bessie. Even through sound alone I can feel the emotions of a radical Garvey follower and it makes it feels very realistic

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