Dead is Dead

Hello loyal listeners, today we at WVR will be trying something new. After accepting the challenge by those scoundrels at The Fallout Feed we will be doing our first Twitch stream.

The rules for Dead is Dead are fairly simple on survival mode without Mods we must see how far we get level wise once leaving Sanctuary. However, if we die that’s it, game over. We are permitted to level up as much as we like in Sanctuary by building and such, however after we leave its game on.

Luke will be at the helm while I’ll be commentating and we are imposing our own rule, which is we will be engaging every friendly person we see in conversation, just as Susan would want it!

So you may enjoy it live at 2100 GMT or catch up later on our twitch channel, it may be quite short!

West Vault Radio Season 2 Episode 1: The Ego Has Landed

I’m back listeners (I know you missed me)!!

After some serious revelations that led to a whole hour of soul searching I decided I needed a Vaultcation.  But a vaultcation can only last so long before one has to get back to reality.  Fortunately, Mr W had just the ticket!

So, please enjoy the latest live broadcast from WVR (and yes at one point it really was live) featuring our recently back in action reciever array!


Featuring the vocal talents of those fine fellows at The Fallout Feed and Quality Irrelevant, please settle down with a nice cup of tea and a plate of toast and enjoy the 100% completely sane sounds of West Vault Radio!



All the best



Download here!


Today’s the day!

After some spectacular technical difficulties last week, we are back with a new CPU and ready to roll.

At 1730 hours GMT (today Sunday the 5th March) you can join us (it’s going to work this time I promise) for Our live season two opening episode!

Simply follow this link to our youtube channel and watch us triumph (or fail spectacularly, either way it’ll be fun).

Happy listening!




I’ve found some more stuff…

So I was clearing out sub-basement 7-6, always a tricky one, when I found a seemingly limitless number of shirts emblazoned with our logo.

Seeing as you all enjoyed our mugs I’ve found a trader who is willing to distribute them for me.

His/her name is T.Mill and they tell me they’ve made a special portal specifically for us. If you don’t want to suffer the wrath of vortexes and such then just click the hyperlink – here.


High-quality shot directly from my Pip-Boy.  Actual shirt designs may be different.



A Holiday Message from Vault 97

Hello listeners, while this festive season is mostly about consumerism (or so my reading of 21st century history teaches me) it is also about sharing special moments with your nearest and dearest.  Well, I don’t have any of those so I thought I’d share a special holiday recording with you.

So sit back, grab a dry sherry and a Blamco mince pie and consider making just three small payments of 1999 caps to treat you or a loved one/threatening raider gang to the ENTIRE WVR CHRISTMAS CATALOGUE!!!! (THAT’S OVER 3000 SONGS!!! (THAT’S PRACTICALLY FREE , CHEAP AS CHIPS))


Merry Christmas


Download here!.

Westies Promo Image

I don’t know if you’ve heard this at all in my recent broadcasts but the Westies are happening and I’m so excited! I’ve been a little obsessed with running it this year, so much so I checked out the archives and found this amazing image and, with a seamless amendment from Mr. Wigglesworth, I’m ready to share it with you all.


The trophy, I will admit, is not exactly as shiny as it is in the images but that’s what a couple of hundred years does to any object, let alone a shiny gold plated doorstop symbol of broadcasting accomplishment.


In fact, I like to think of it like the ashes that would be traded between the old British baseball teams of home. Respected, prestigious and made of terracotta.